Thursday, March 12, 2009

exCUsES, excUSEs

been away from love forawhile
homesick the way you looked at me when we took a chance on the same heartbeat
took a sip of the night and got lost in the hangover
i'm addicted to heart attack(er)s and second chances
dazed and confUSED
lied to a psychiatrist
just to get a fix of the truth
overdosing on shooting starts into my veins
bring me back to li(f)e as a romantic
looked in the mirror to measure my vanity
got a few perscriptions to measure my sanity 

sometimes i cant find the words that fit my mood. or other times they just feel worthless and too well rehersed. yet i could never get tired of telling you this.

te AMO
je t'aime
lay ovlay ouyay

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