Tuesday, April 28, 2009

homesick for lovesickness

all heart and no sleep. got two rings that shine for you under my eyes. got lonliness down to a science.  got lost under night time skies.  driving while detoxing.  wasted all my gray matter on gray moods.  ive got a bad habit of sniffing out li(n)es with every person i meet.  no one seems to matter but the way you think about us.

I tried to come up with an acronym for l.o.v.e.
all I came up with was y.o.u.

Friday, April 17, 2009

being alone < sleeping with you

this mouth eats happiness and spits out sadness.  found my conscience in the bottom of a bottle of pills stashed on the bathroom floor.  the tile matches your emotions, cold, battered and bruised. i've got a sense of entitlement from being away from the madness for too long.  forgot what it's like to be electric.

i found my smile in the desert. stash it between the clouds and the rays of light breaking through them.  i'll light your skylines up with my hopes.  it's summer all the time.  lightning bugs.  catch me if you can handle me.  

transplanted my thoughts of you from my head to my heart. dowsed them in your perfume. don't forget me.  i won't ever stop you.

got high on a heavy heart.  found love in the bottom of it all.  now this smile glows in the dark.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the best thing i've ever done

was falling in love with you

i cant wait till everyday starts and ends with you.

i love you on repeat forever.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

pulled a nightmare out of my chest...

...and down my spine. poured dreams out of fingertips and onto the keyboard.  witness history behind your eyes. washed all hope(s) down the (d)rain. all words like butterfly (stitches). earned all my bruises the hard way. hoME away from hoME.  sleep sold me out. the right to bear(hug) chARMerS.  Masquerading in the/this game of life. Someone elses skin > my own.

always (a)-okay
(un)loveable  to the bitter end