Thursday, June 11, 2009


to: you
from: me
subject: fuck this/you/my past/your future

took a cold shower to get the feeling of you off my skin
"out of sight, out of mind"
i always looked at you as pathetic
hold the magnifying glass as high as the drugs in your veins
dont stare at the sun forever
found you on the bathroom floor
another attempt at the afterlife
failure's not flattering
counted your excuses like the slashes on your skin
rising to the top 
blood cell(mates)
"all your cheap words about hearts and accidents"
got the keys to your insecurities
(un)locked and loaded
like your medicine cabinet, i'm better off without you
you showed me what love isn't supposed to be
thank you for being so awful

the truth is I never missed you.  
i never even loved you

1 comment:

  1. Wow Andrew.
    I absolutely love it though. It's very real and personal. Extremely passionate. There's something really special about it that I don't feel as much in what you usually write. Not quite sure what that is, but it's there. Haha

    Brilliant =]