Thursday, October 8, 2009

In memories we're all more alive. True blue love birds.

Being human is overrated. I've always wanted to be a monster. Reboot my system. Hard reset on soft conscience. Neurons are scrambled. Back to the lab. I will reseruect happiness. Send an S.O.S. back to the mothership. Send me back to where I belong. Heart full of glass. Crystal (ball) clear. Marked fragile and always flawed.

I wanna be more than just a tired set of eyes

Apologetic fueled binges. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry". Let me be the one to break your heart again. I've got the medication for your broken veins and loves. Romance never dies, only the romantics.

Stay(ing) committed to the drugs to stay clean of the institution. The urge to purge my head of everything and start over. My razor sharp tounge meets the underside of wrists and promises. From the shower stall to the afterlife.

The only way I know how to get to your heart?

through your guts.


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