Saturday, February 28, 2009

prison break night owl

dissected a nightmare
found my conscience
drugged and out of touch
i only want to wrap myself around your waist late at night
lay me down, even if i dont sleep
hit and miss(ing) the zzz's on the snoozzze 
my eyelids are heavy but my head is floating away
going stead(I.L.Y.) down the aisle
kept my hands on the clock
wrist watch(er)
sneaking through bedroom windows till the day i die.
matched the way my fingers type to the sound of my heartbeat
hung myself out to dry on the telephone line
ive got your voice ringing in my ears and on my fingers

sometimes i feel every mile between us.  they all catch up to me at once.  under my eyes and stuck in the back of my throat.  i've gotta sleep just to dream about you.

miss you
love you


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