Wednesday, February 4, 2009

to you

ive always had a morbid fascination with proving how much i care
cut me open
this heart only beats for you
got a death threat on my chest
sometimes i get so lonely the world stops spinning
my nerves are shot with loneliness 
got a god complex (i dont believe in much)
make the stars jealous with the way falling for you
i l(d)ie a little bit when i'm not talking to you
miss the way you get me

just because i dont sleep doesnt mean i dont dream about you.


  1. I'd rather waste some time with you. Always and forever.

    I love this baby.

    I miss you more than words could say.

    Tonight I told my mom I was getting something for you because it was something you loved and she's like "Andy who?" and I'm like "mom...I only talk to one Andy and you should get that ingrained in your brain"

  2. this like this make me realize fate is always right.