Tuesday, March 23, 2010

getting lost in the prescription of perception

there are noises everywhere.  inside my eyelids.  behind my smiles.  monsters and aliens.  we dont belong anywhere but behind the steering wheel.  race car head.  cant stop my teeth from spinning. embrace the taste of madness.  the doctor couldn't reach behind my head and pull out the darkness.  the feel of linoleum is all too familiar. i like the taste of bathroom floors. i don't like the face in the mirror, but i adore the way you see me.  getting lost is all the rage (inside my bones).  i dilated my eyes just to make it to the morning.  cynically depressed.  catching words like bugs.  i've lost more than my share of marbles.  ive gotta update myself.  never never land.  time doesnt spin but the floor sure does.  shooting star veins.  straight on till morning.

i only want you to be you



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