Thursday, March 18, 2010

he is a warzone, she is just a casualty

we dug the darkness out of her veins
splattered in the world we call home
the maniacs
the forever bed heads
taking monsters out from under beds
skeletons from closets
hiding them behind eyelids and clever words
"we'll leave this world once and for all"
the express lane headed home six feet under the ground
file me away under lost and (not wanting to be) found

"I can't believe what this is doing to me
I've seen so many cities
Fall down to their knees
I'm begging you, please
Don't bury me underneath their crumbled walls
My barren thoughts weigh heavier
Than the weight of our demands

I feel the pressure building up inside my head
I feel the distance drowning me in my own sweat
Cause I need the cold now
It's my turn to roll out all the stops
And show that I know where I have to go

I've got to find my way back
Retrace my steps
So I can prove to you that I'm alive
Crawling my way back to the place
I know that's meant for me to find my way back
To find my way back home

I feel the heat and what it's doing to me
I've been pulling at my own skin
To hide my face
It's hard to relate
Forget the way you feel when you are safe at home
You leave this world alone, stone by stone
If only I had known about the"

-four year strong "find my way back"

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