Saturday, January 24, 2009

ego mania(c)

keyboard confessional
fee(l)d my words from my chest to your screen
making my finger(s) tip(sy) electric
plug my head into the s(r)ocket
hot air balloons for lungs
fill me up with hot air and watch me go
two way mirrors versus two way streets
i'm a dead end
a never was
we'll clean the slate
just to make it dirty again
the dirt on the top of the coffin
spoiled and rotten heart
bugs eat decay
milligrams eat creativity
i'm a loose canon
shot me to the pharmacy
the doctor wrote me a new chance at life
they filled me up with a conscience
left me without a refill
give me withdraws of you 
i'll shoot you deep inside my veins

i'm a smile without a chance. a night light without a dream. a warning for your heart.  doomed from the start. 

1 comment:

  1. Andrew.
    You're anything but a dead end.
    I love this. A lot. It made me think in the way that only you can trigger.

    "Thank you for standing up for dark circles under eyes."