Wednesday, January 21, 2009

i've got dirty thoughts to pour down the inside of your ear

Redirect my head to the sunset.  Connect the dots making (your) smile from all the stars.  Tie the knots in my stomach to match the one on your finger (wedding day promises).  This is the type of night that nothing seems to feel right except for your breath on my forehead.  I'd give anything to feel your pulse next to mine.

"Go to sleep baby boy" she whispered into the glowing earpiece.  I'm waiting for the day to share a sunrise with your heart.  Don't worry about me too much.  These circles around my eyes are just badges of honor.  Evidence of the time I've spent thinking of you (sentiMENTAL).  Through this wish into the sea.  Get it lost in the currents.  I'll always find my way back to your smile.

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