Friday, January 9, 2009

meet me in your darkest hour. i'll be lighting the way back to us.

I've got my drug of choice.  Lovers and liars.  Mix well before inhaling.  Right into the veins and right into the sunset.  I've got bigger choices to make than choosing between my conscience and the racing blood cells in my chest.  Light my eyelashes on fire with the last puff of your cigarette.  You've got to understand what it feels like to be lost in the light of day to really get the way it feels here right now.  Looking forward to the return of hopelessness.  I've got the pride to say no to the pills and face this head on (collision).  All points bulletin for happiness.  Bottle it and sell to the homeless and unappreciated.  My soul for your collateral.  Desperate times call for indecent measures.  Wear a noose to match the circles under my eyes.

I'd fall asleep anywhere to wake up next to you sometime.

This isnt about the not allowing someone to love you
this is all about not allowing yourself to be loved by someone.

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  1. You can't control who loves you, only who wants to hate you.

    This was brilliant.