Wednesday, July 7, 2010

take a chance at being real

we all need something to believe in.  to keep hearts beating a little bit too fast.

believe in broken bones. and learn how to heal.
believe in blood. make your scars stories to tell when you get old.
believe in guts.  and the way you can take a punch to them but never give up

it's too easy to give up. to give in.  i've outgrown the easy route.  threw out the map that kept me stuck there.  get lost and found.  the truth of the matter is that i struggle every single day with myself.  the trick to keeping your head in the clouds is getting lost inside the machine that beats away.

make yourself happy.  it doesn't happen for free.
make an effort to smile about something every single day.
love someone or something. love it till you can't anymore. than go above and beyond. give into passion(s).

take a chance at being real.

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